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Benefits of EOT Crane. 1) We can easily of move and job from one place to other place. 2) We can easily unload and load job in vehicle. 3) EOT Crane makes production process fast. 4) Less manpower required to do work. EOT Crane is best solution for fast production in any industries. We are the leading manufacture of EOT Cranes, Pre Engineered Building & PEB Structure.
Pre Engineered Building. Benefits of Pre Engineered Buildings. 1 - Low weight as compare to conventional building. 2 - look better then conventional building. 3 - Building design as per point load as required. 4 - Easy to erect as compare to conventional building. 5 - Fast in manufacturing. 6 - Welding will be done by automatic machine. Pre Engineered buildings is more economic then conventional buildings.
Factors:- Pre Engineered Buildings VS Conventional Metal Buildings. 1) Design: - Design Portion of Pre Engineered Building if quick and efficient. It design by computer program for most exact measurement of material required. It calculate the point load. In Conventional Building it design from ground up and takes more time. 2) Delivery Speed:- Due to quick design and fast production it will delivers in 4-8 week and in conventional it takes 8-10 week. 3) Cost: - As in PEB cost is 30% less as compare to Conventional buildings. We are the leading manufacturer of Pre Engineered Building & Eot Crane.
Pre Engineered Building. We are the leading manufacturer of Pre Engineered Building in Vadodara. We have 500 Ton capacity at every month. Here we shown one of our project in surat. Pre Engineerd building is better in comparison with conventional building. Low cost, Fast manufacturing process, More strength, Best look. Pre engineerd building is the new future of industry.
Sahjanand Infratech is the leading manufacturer of electrically operated overhead crane ( EOT Crane). EOT crane is in the basic need of every industry. For any types of lifting any material EOT Crane is required. We are dealing in wire less operated eot crane. EOT Crane will make work easy and fast. Design of EOT Crane will be on the basis on Indian Standard 3177. We are the manufacturer of Electric operated EOT Crane and Manual operated EOT Crane.
Pre Engineered Building at Ashok Industries. 24 x 30 Mtr Pre Engineered Building havin 10 Ton Capacity. 11 Mtr Clear Height with 9 Mtr Crane Bracket Height. All material of structure steel are E350 material. All Fasteners are High Tensile 8.8 Grade with Electro plated. 2 coat of Epoxy Primer and 2 Coat of Epoxy Final coat. We sahjanand Infratech are the leading manufacturer of Pre Engineered Building and PEB Structure in Vadodara, Rajkot, Morbi, Surat, Dahej, Mehsana and all Gujarat.