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CRANE SAFETY TIPS • Periodically read the manual and review the rules. • At the beginning of your shift, check your hoist. • Examine the load chain for damage or twists, or the wire rope for kinks or fraying. • Check the hook. If it's out of shape, don't use it. This may indicate internal damage. • Don't try to lift more than the hoist rating. If you don't know the hoist's rating, find out. • Avoid shock loads. Don't run the hook with a slack chain. Bring the chain or wire to a taut position before lifting. • To avoid damage to the hoist, the rope or chain should always be in a straight line from hoist to hook. • Avoid snagging a load while lifting. • Avoid jogging a load. • Balance a load carefully. Use the right sized sling. • Be sure your load is secure so that nothing can slip out and cause damage or injury. • Never use the load chain or wire rope for a sling and make sure the load chain or rope is kinks, bends or breaks. • Don't bend the rope or chain over sharp edges. • When welding near a hoist, avoid heating the chain and making it weak; keep weld spatter off the chain, and never use the hoist as a ground. • When using a wire rope hoist, check the wire on the drum. Don't let it get out of the grooves and pile upon itself. • Side pulls with a wire rope hoist may fray the rope and make it unsafe and/or damage the hoist. • Never leave a suspended load unattended. That load is your responsibility. • Never carry a load over another person...or get under a load yourself. • Never lift people with a hoist. • When moving a load, look where you are going. Push, don't pull. Please take care of this and give training to your Crane operator for batter performance.
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Sahjanand Infratech is the leading manufacturer of electrically operated overhead crane ( EOT Crane). EOT crane is in the basic need of every industry. For any types of lifting any material EOT Crane is required. We are dealing in wire less operated eot crane. EOT Crane will make work easy and fast. Design of EOT Crane will be on the basis on Indian Standard 3177. We are the manufacturer of Electric operated EOT Crane and Manual operated EOT Crane.
Flexible Type Wire Rope Hoist. Capacity - 2 Ton. Ceat Tyre Halol. We are the leading manufacturer of EOT crane and Pre Engineered Building in Vadodara, Gujarat.